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First silk painting course for Diane . 2 days, with the help of Mireault, she completed 3 paintings on silk.




First silk painting course for Jean . 2 days, with the help of Mireault, he completed 5 paintings on silk including his 4 seasons.

Silk in Santa Fe in August 2006

During the SPIN's Congress, those 7 fantastic students realize

one 8 inches diameter silk artwork and one 12 x 12.


First silk painting course for Annie from Yellowknife. 2 days, with the help of Mireault, she realize 2 paintings on silk .

A private lesson for Judith from Toronto. Judith is the Editor of The Silkworm, the SPIN's Journal.

With Mireault's help, she paints those two marvelous artworks.


Ghislaine from Saint-Lambert , a painter and watercolorist followed a 2 days painting on silk workshop with Mireault.

Under Mireault's supervision, she paints those two watercolor style artworks on silk.

Marjolaine a young artist at her first silk painting session with Mireault.

Under Mireault's supervision, she paints those two personnalised style artworks on silk.

Agathe, from Chicoutimi, an accomplish artist in oil and acrylic, at her first silk painting session with Mireault.

Under Mireault's supervision, she paints one silk in a personnalised style and start a second artwork on silk.

Happy with her new technique, Agathe sent me some artworks that she create:

Annie, from Boucherville, an experimented watercolorist, at her first silk painting session with Mireault.

Under Mireault's supervision, she realize this very sensitive silkpainting and start a second artwork on silk to be continued.

Brigitte, from Verchères, looks happy after this first silk painting session with Mireault.

She dicovered Mireault, looking at a TV demonstration during Passion Maisons show . She might give us a lot of surprises in the future.

And her is an exploration done by Brigitte after reading the Lydie Ottelart's book.



From Magdalena Island but originally from Java, Yuli Purwiyanti came to Mireault's studio lo learn silk Painting.

She was the laureat of Arrimage who promote artists in Magdalena Island.

She is a master in Batik and she own a Gallery on the Magdalena Island, Québec, Canada:



At the 2008 Festival of Silk Painters of Santa fe, New Mexico,

see the results of a 2 days workshop.

From a suggestion of Marie Kaye, here is a silk painting inspired by a local artist. 3 different visions of a same artwork.

And the students at work:

Here are two exceptionnal students, Stephany (top)and Marie Kaye (bottom).

This workshop will enhance their artistic career already well started.


Since October 2008, 44 students of grade 6 at Ludger-Duvernay school from Verchères worked to realize

44 silk paintings of their own under the direction of Mireault.

With the help of their teachers,Maryseand Johanne, the young students find their own drawings. During 3 days, in May, Mireault and his wife France, guide them in their realisations on silk. A grand opening at the Moulin de Verchères and a 2 days expositions was the final celebration of this artistic adventure.

A real succes for these young artists.

A Christmas gift from her husband bring Sylvie , from Longueuil, at the workshop of Mireault. Well experimented in different artistic medium, Sylvie want to explore painting on silk.With all her experience, it was an easy job for Mireault, to guide her on her exploration of painting the silk. As a first experience, she realizes thos two marvelous sil painting. Watch her next steps.


From Madagascar (living now in Brossard, Québec), after 3 years, Nadia realized her dream: a silk painting session with Mireault.

She already had a workshop in France, so it was easy to teach her.

With her expérience, Mireault says that she masters the Gutta application. It was a great success for a return. Can you imagine her next paintings!.

You also want to paint on silk!

Take a workshop with the silkpainter Mireault.

E-mail me your name, address and phone number.

At the 2010 Festival of Silk Painters of Santa fe, New Mexico,

see the results of a 2 days workshop.


Nine smiling and very creative students in Santa Fe:

Carol, Constance, Jane, Leslie, Linda K., Linda P., Lisa, Lucila and Linda R..

This workshop will give them a new way to express themselves.


From Gatineau, Anne is a graphic artist and an oil painter.

She want to explore a new technic with Mireault and I think that it is a great discovery for her.

She may use this new way of expressing herself, more that the other artistict ways.


From Ontario,Shana explore silk painting with Mireault to create a wedding anniversary gift.

After exploring different technics, she want to silk paint with Mireault. It was a great discovery for her.

Back home, Shana sent me a picture of her children. They all wear a Mireault's T-shirt. Her kids are part of her precious creations.

From Mont Saint-Hilaire, Sylvie, who is already a very good pastellist, came to explore silk painting with Mireault.

She is already an accomplished artist, member of the AAPARS, she wants to add silk painting in her exploration of new artiscic expression.

She appreciate the technique and she is now ready to start making silk scarves and artworks on silk.

After a visit to my web site and be fascinated by my colorful artworks, Carole who already explore acrylic, decide to follow an introduction to silk painting with Mireault.

She was so enthousiastic with silk painting that, for sure, the years to come will be filled up with nice artworks on silk.

After this first exploration, she is already excellent..


At the Aubijoux La Soie Festival planned by Jean-Philippe Rabérin from Aubijoux Society,

in June 2013, I teached 2 two days workshops. Here are my students and their artworks.

Discover those eight joyfull and very free style students in Chambon-sur-Lignon:

Marie-Thérèse, Monique, Émilie, Martine, Josette, Nadia, Estela and Marie-Pierre.

This workshop will free them and bring them in a new way to express themselves.


Sylvie, who wish to go further in her technic of silk painting, came for a second time to the Atelier Mireault.

She remember well all what she learned and she explore "undercoating".

For the first time, she strt making snow in her landscape. She explores also a different range of color.

Sylvie a réalisé ce deux magnifiques oeuvres.

For Mireault, it was a pleasure to help her again. Sylvie was very enthousiastic at the end of the workshop.

Carolyn, after a visit at le Salon des Métiers d'Art 2013, look on the Net and wrote me to take a workshop with me at my atelier.

She came with her friend, Marèle. For the first time, Mireault teach to 2 students at a time in his atelier.

What a great adventure. Consider that it is now possible to follow a workshop with your best friend or someone of your family.

Carolyn already touch stained glass and pillow lace; gutta was an easy parallel for her.

Mireault enjoy to guide her in this exploration. She already has plenty of projects in silk painting.

Here is Marèle, Carolyn's friend. She was very happy to be there to have her first silk painting lesson with Mireault.

She has been fascinated by this technic. She learned very quickly.

Her second artwork was full of emotions. Her beautiful small dog just passed away and she decided to immortalize her dog on silk.

As a first work on silk, it is gourgeous. It has been a pleasure for Mireault to guide her.

Brigitte, a friend of Yuli Purwyianti, start with watercolor a few year ago. Her mother found the Mireault's atelier and suggest to Brigitte to take a workshop with this silk painting master.

Brigitte felt in love instantly with silk painting. The first results were astonishing.

The day after her workshop she immediatly order all the material and she is now ready for a career of silk painting. Keep looking at her to appreciate her talents.


I met Nicole at Le Salon des Métiers d'Art of Montreal. She was already a SPIN's member and she knows the basic elements of silk painting.

It was easy to start the workshop because she came with her drawing already done.

It was a pure delight for her and, as she said, "Nothing can replace a good teacher. We learn a lot more than in a simple book."

Her two artworks are a proof of het great talent.

Nicole' I wish you a long life with plenty of silk painting.

From Terrebonne, Marielle is already a talented artist. She is painting on glass and she also integrate glass in her acrylic paintings.

She wants to explore a different artistic technic. She choose silk painting because she wants to create a silk scarves collection.

Her husband, Stéphane, offer her a workshop with Mireault, the silk artist.

She happilly explore the abstraction on silk using different technics. She really enjoy painting silk.

Good luck and I am in a hurry to see your scarves collection.


Manon already knows a lot of artistic technic. There was still one curiosity to satisfy : silk painting. She choose the DSA (Distinguish Silk Artist at SPIN) to complete her formation.

The moment she touch the silk, it was a 'coup de foudre'.

She really enjoy painting silk and she went back home with a bag full of material and plenty of ideas in her head.

Good luck Manon with all those colors.



Diane met me at Place Bonaventure during my annual show. She was really curious about silk painting. She asked me to follow a workshop. I told her that it is possible.

She is from Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines. Early in January, she cames to my atelier to learn everything about silk painting.

We had great discussions about technic, sales possibilities, places were we can order the products, business talk...

After two days, Diane was really satisfied with her silk painting about jellyfish.

For sure she will continue at home to explore this fabulous way of expressing herself.

Another satisfied student coming out from Mireault's atelier.


Directly from Terrebonne, Gina already make felting. She is a professionnal in this technic and she act as a business lady.

She came to my atelier to learn silk painting. That technic will enhance her production because of the new liberty that she gain with color.

She is now ready to mix the two ways of expression.

Another satisfied student coming out from Mireault's atelier.


It was an old dream for Lise to come to make a workshop with Mireault.

After some atelier with oil painting, watercolor... she want to learn all the secrets of silk painting.

From the beginning of the silk painting workshop, she was convinced that it was her best artistic expression way.

Her first artwork is an expression of is great talent.

From Saint-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu, another satisfied student coming out from Mireault's atelier.


Xiao Li (Michelle), met me at the Salon des Métiers d'Art de Montréal to subscribe for a workshop at the Atelier Mireault.

Very good in drawing and also in painting, , she already got an excellent artistic background. Xiao Li has been an excellent student.

She realize the round artwork alone at home, a proof that she really want to be a silk painter.

It has been a real pleasure to teach Xiao Li about silk painting at the Mireault's atelier..



Louise is in charge of formation at l'APARS. she organized a workshop for 4 members of this aartists' group.

After reorganize the atelier, I tech to thos 4 artists.

It was a real pleasure to guide the exploration of this medium with those artists.

A splendid day with good company.


Danielle is the president of l'APAARS and she jon at last minute.

She was dreaming to follow a workshop with Mireault.

She plan a nice flowers realisation and she was ready to try different technique on silk.

What a nice artwork and it was her first try.

To work with such artists was a real pleasure.


Lorraine, member of l'AAPARS was enthousiastic right from the begining.

She transform her drawing so it suits the silk painting technique.

Nice composition and plenty of different techniques.

She paint on silk with a real passion.


Also member of l'AAPARS, Francine was a real good student..

She went on the Net to know better silk painting before the workshop.

She already knew different way to use dyes on silk.

A super student with real motivation.

A real pleasure to work with Francine who is lways elogious.



With a formation in different artistic disciplines, John want to integrate the silk painting in his realisations.

For example, he is making shoes and purse and he already have a clear idea of integration of silk painting with those articles.

After studies in Concordia in graphism, he realize a carreer as hair dresser. He is now ready to consecrate all his time in artistic creation.

It has been a real pleasure to work with him in the atelier Mireault.


Private lesson : alone with Mireault.

From 10 am to 4 pm with an hour for dinner.

Your choice of 2 days (e-mail the artist for the schedule).

Fee : 350,00$

Materials included ; you will complete one silk piece of 12 x 12 and a round one of 8 inches diameter.

Just bring your drawings, your photos, your photocopies...

An old shirt to protect your clothes.

Courriel : miroir@videotron.ca